My dreams for Secret Spell are all about creating a space of sanctuary that allows for a complete healing process. An environment that lets us go back to nature to be healed and nourished on the inside and out.

Bringing together gifted people offering a range of treatments and knowledge that encourage your self-healing and create total body balance, by connecting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

This means treating the body holistically and working with the body's natural rhythms of life. Gaining vision on every aspect that impacts us in our individuality, and how to create more balance and harmony within our own lives.

About Secret Spell

Our health isn't determined purely by our physical body. And we often lose insight into the other aspects of life, and of ourselves, that have major influences on us as individuals. On what creates our beings balance.

We forget that life is meant to be lived simply, peacefully, and that our state of health stems from deeper within us.

This is what triggered my journey of self-discovery, learning how to create harmony within my own being, and the process of creating a lifestyle that represents this..

My very own Secret Spell to natural balance!

Step into the now, be present, let go of what no longer serves you.

Take advantage of being the one person who knows whats best for you, discover how to nurture yourself on a deeper level.

Join us for a Secret Spell, and start creating your own natural balance..

Natural Beauty Secrets

Naturopathic Consultations

Using information you provide about your in-depth case history, along with various health assessment techniques during your consultation allows for a well-rounded understanding of what is going on with your health and the best way to help you.

Our naturopath can then work with you to tailor a treatment program suited to your specific needs. During your consultation dietary and lifestyle advice will be offered and a combination of remedies such as: an individualised liquid herbal remedy, nutritional  supplements, homeopathics and flower essences may also be offered.

Jessica Tomlinson Ph:  0403 837 884

Eternal Lotus

Eternal Lotus welcomes you to the wonderful world of Reiki and Massage.

Experienced together, a Reiki and Massage treatment promotes a state of deep relaxation and encourages balance between the mind, body and spirit.

This is one of the best ways to clear emotional blockages that have presented as a physical problem.

These treatments help to decrease pain levels, reduce both anxiety and fatigue and give you an overall state of wellness.

Take some time out for yourself, relax and enjoy the wonderful energies that are Reiki

Christine Farnham  Ph: 0407 268 885

Phone Tara: 0423 451 721

Email Us: info@secretspell.com.au

Studio Location : 37 Merimbula Drive, Merimbula NSW 2548

Offering holistic tools for healing that allow you to continue your self-healing at home

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Here at Natural Beauty Secrets, we take you back to nature to heal and nourish your body from head to toe with all natural and organic products.

Offering treatments that include Holistic Massage with your choice of relaxation, remedial, sacred hot stone, aromatherapy and pregnancy.. Specialist trained Dr.Hauchka Esthetician performing a selection of unique holistic natural Facial Treatments.. Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing and Tinting.. as well as professional Make-Up using Jane Iredale mineral make-up products for a flawless application.

Let me share with you, Natures Secrets to true Beauty..

Tara Brown Ph: 0423451721

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The Sacred Space

A room devoted to bringing together gatherings of people for all kinds of sacred workshop activities..

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